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>> Check out NRS Online classes! <<
BOSS Wilderness Survival Kits | Stanford Outdoor Supply

"BOSS" Wilderness Survival Kits Review - New 8 Video Series!

About This Wilderness Survival Kits Review 

Wilderness survival kits are everywhere! There are so many to choose from, many of which just aren't that good. That said, I'm pleased to say Stanford Outdoor Supply has some of the more practical and affordable survival kits I've ever seen.

After hearing about them, I purchased a couple of the survival kit bundles a while ago to try out. When I got the box, Alan, the owner, had added a few others as well. That is the kind of small business owner I like. He knew who I was and wanted some feedback on his kits so he could make them better.

I was happy to help.

After seeing the sheer amount of kits now in my possession, I decided to go ahead and make a bunch of videos to showcase all that they offer. I was pleasantly surprised to discover that the vast majority of the items I like. A few items I don't care too much for and I share why in my review videos. The great thing about Alan is that he is already adjusting some of the kits because he recognizes I have a lot of experience in this topic.  (Did I mention he's a great guy?). 

There are eight videos in total here.

Make sure you watch the the "BOSS Survival Kits Introduction" video FIRST as it tells a lot about what to expect in the other videos.  It also includes how to go about getting a nice discount on your order if you purchase through the links provided.



First Aid, Trauma and Mobility Kits

In video #2, we dig into the Medical Kits. You will start to see that there are small kits and larger kits.  I want to emphasize for you that if you like the Trauma Kit then get the Combat Application Tourniquet (CAT) option. The Standard recon TQ is not an acceptable tourniquet. This is one of the items that I notified Alan about and am glad to see he also offers the CAT TQ as an upgrade option. Well worth the added expense, in my opinion. 


Land Navigation & Signaling Kits

Video #3 covers the Land Navigation and Signaling Kits. The signaling kits have some items in them that I was VERY pleased that he included and the Land Nav kit includes a bona fide, good compass from Brunton.  


Shelter Kit

In Video #4 we take a quick detour out into the woods (I bet that does not surprise you).  Instead of just laying the kits out, I set up several of the items from the Shelter Kit and drop some serious knowledge on what I know works and what doesn't in sheltering for survival.   


Hiking Kit

The Hiking Kit that I cover in video #4 is a nice little addition to your day hike or longer.  It includes some first aid supplies and other safety tools.  It also includes one of the items that I am not a fan of.  The reason I am not a fan of them is important to lost proofing. Check it out below.   


Water Filtration & Purification Kit

The Water Filtration and Purification Kit actually surprised me of the quality that was included.  Some great items.  I took the opportunity of checking out the pieces to do an impromptu survival water procurement lesson.  Lots of interesting information there, that is not typically covered in most survival classes. 


Fire Starter Kit

Who does not like survival fire starting?  I know I do.  The magnesium capsules in this Fire Starter Kit alone are worth it.  I had no idea how powerful a tool these things are.  I had a lot of fun showing off some fire building tricks and tips I have learned over the years.  


Hunting & Fishing Kit

The Hunting and Fishing Kit is one of Alan's best sellers and for good reason.  It has some very simple supplies in it to help in survival food gathering.  I took some of that material and showed a fantastic and very useful trap that I learned from a US Army Special Forces soldiers many years ago.  I demonstrate this trap in our Level 1 courses (among others).  


How to Get Your Special Bonus/Discount!

That is a ton of stuff to take it all in, so digest as much as you can, then come back and do some more later.  Just keep in mind the "NRS10" discount as you do. 

I really like working with other businesses like Stanford Outdoor Supply that offer win-win-win situations.  You get a discount, they get to make a profit, and we get a small percentage as well...great stuff all around.  

Also, if you end up placing an order, forward me your receipt to with the subject line "BOSS."

I've got a supplemental, 7-page Gear List & Carrying Guide I'd like to send you as a "Thank You" for helping support our efforts!

As always, if you have any questions or concerns, put them in the comments of the videos or contact me directly at  

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