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>> Check out NRS Online classes! <<

Essential Wilderness Navigation: A Real-World Guide to Finding Your Way Safely in the Woods With or Without A Map, Compass or GPS

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"Thank you for this valuable resource, which I will consult frequently as I practice my newly-learned skills. Your book is a truly comprehensive introduction to this complex but critical subject." - W.K.

Learn how to choose the right maps and read them, choose the right compass, and understand GPS' and other useful technological equipment.

Natural Navigation:
Learn how to use the day and night sky, as well as, flora and fauna to determine direction.

Specialized Applications:
Sections dedicated to assisting search and rescue, military and law enforcement, hunters, Boy/Girl Scouts and other family groups in developing wilderness navigation skills.

Fold-Out Map:
It comes with a topography map that will be used in practical application tests along the way to insure you learn the material.


About the Book:

Never before has a book been available that teaches wilderness navigation in such a systematic, yet easy to understand way. This book will be a must-have text for beginner and advanced students alike, to build or enhance, their wilderness navigation skill set. Cram filled with exciting and educational stories from the real world, easy-to-understand instruction, and practical exercises to ensure you understand the material. Craig and Tracy have trained hundreds of students in backcountry skills and utilized that knowledge to develop insightful troubleshooting lists for each important topic. This book will be equally useful as a at-home or in-the-field study guide for all things related to wilderness navigation.

About the Authors:

Craig Caudill, Owner/Director of Nature Reliance School, has over four decades of wilderness experience including two 30 day trips living off the land with nothing more than a knife. Craig works as a civilian contractor for the Department of Defense, Federal, State, and Local Law-Enforcement and also teaches hundreds of civilians each year on the topics of safety and survival, tracking, bushcrafting and many other wilderness-related topics.

Tracy Trimble, also has over four decades of wilderness experience navigating the woods of Kentucky. He started the development of his land navigation skill set as an Army Reservist while serving on the M1 Abrams tank and later as a Drill Instructor. He currently serves on two incredibly active Search and Rescue teams in the famous Red River Gorge. Where he uses his backcountry skills and training to help bring others to safety. He is the lead instructor for all Nature Reliance School Wilderness Navigation coursework.

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