Introduction to Animal Tracking Pocket Field Guide

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A guide to understanding the science and art of tracking mammals.  

Join Craig Caudill, Certified Master Naturalist and life-long tracker, as he provides insight on how to take an interest in animal tracking and turn it into a useful skillset.  

This pocket-sized field guide covers the common and not-so-common necessities of becoming a tracker:

  • The character traits of a tracker
  • Pre, During, and Post Tracking details
  • The ten questions you should ask yourself every time you see a track.
  • A detailed look at the types of sign 
  • Gait/Patterns of movement
  • Detailed info to look for with numerous species.
  • A detailed chart with info on tracks and scat
  • Lots more!

Craig will sign all field guides purchased through Nature Reliance School and include one pocket-size tracking card you can easily carry in your wallet.  Use it to measure tracks (and plants, and whatever else) and share photos with tracking enthusiasts online.  

If you would like to purchase some extra tracking cards you can do so at this link