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>> Check out NRS Online classes! <<

Ultimate Wilderness Gear: Everything You Need to Know to Choose and Use the Best Outdoor Equipment

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Craig has a wealth of experience afield and has taught thousands of people. He has used or seen in his classes a wide range of gear. Learn what works and what should never go in your pack.

The book is like having an experienced outdoorsman right by your side showing what he has worked, and not worked, for him over 40+years in the outdoors.

Learn what inexpensive gear works very well, as well as, what gear you should spend as much as you can afford. Recommendations are made for any budget.

An incredible range of gear is covered: tents, hammocks, knives, medical gear, water purification, paddling, hunting,!

Wouldn't it be nice to have someone with 40+ years of experience in the outdoors telling you what works and what doesn't, before you make your next gear purchase? That is exactly what this book does. Craig shares stories and gives recommendations, of what works and what doesn't after a lifetime of experiences in the outdoors as well as teaching hundreds of students each year. There is not much that he has not seen and he shares that with you in this book. It includes real stories of how inexpensive gear has saved lives, expensive gear has broken when it was needed, and everything in between. GET THIS BOOK if you want to utilize your gear purchase money wisely.

Craig Caudill, Owner/Director of Nature Reliance School, has over four decades of wilderness experience including two 30 day trips living off the land with nothing more than a knife. Craig works as a civilian contractor for the Department of Defense, Federal, State and Local Law-Enforcement and also teaches hundreds of civilians each year on the topics of safety and survival, tracking, bushcrafting and many other wilderness related topics.

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