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Emergency Whistle

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ULTRA LIGHT AND DEPENDABLE - Experience the ultimate in lightweight and reliable whistles. Our whistles are designed to perform flawlessly in any situation. With an exceptional airflow design, comfortable mouth grip, and sturdy ABS plastic construction, you can trust that these whistles won't let you down, even in chilly conditions where metal whistles can cause your lips to stick.

EXTREMELY LOUD - Our survival whistle is specifically engineered to deliver an ear-piercing emergency signal. Equipped with dual sound chambers, it can emit a high-pitched sound reaching up to 120 decibels. 

INNOVATIVE PEALESS DESIGN - Say goodbye to whistles with moving parts. Our "pealess" construction provides a lightweight whistle free from any components that could hinder sound production or become stuck, damaged, or frozen. This design allows the whistle to float on water, making it a reliable companion for water-based activities.

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