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>> Check out NRS Online classes! <<

Extreme Wilderness Survival: Essential Knowledge to Survive Any Outdoor Situation Short-Term or Long-Term, With or Without Gear and Alone or With Others

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Extreme Wilderness Survival

Professional instructors say proper mindset is the key to survival. This book contains 5 full chapters on the topic. Learn the proven methods to help calm your mind, increase your awareness and develop mental fortitude.

Skills Add to your “toolbox” of outdoor skills with new and varied ways of land navigation, first aid, the essentials; shelter, fire, water and food.

Tactics Know how to strategically work with others to increase your chances of survival. This includes developing your communication and leadership skills, knowing when to move and when to stay, armed and unarmed strategies for defense, as well as tracking, the ultimate in observation and awareness skills.

Gear Learn how to choose gear that is bomb-proof, light weight and affordable. More importantly learn what you MUST carry with you every day and the gear that will help expand your time outdoors.

Each of the 17 chapters begins with a REAL WORLD event, in which people had struggles or perished in a wilderness. This is followed by a breakdown of the steps to be taken to insure this does not happen to you. Finally, there is incredibly detailed information checklists on what you can do to prepare yourself for outdoor travel, hunting, preparedness and adventure.

Craig Caudill, Owner/Director of Nature Reliance School, has over four decades of wilderness experience including two 30 day trips living off the land with nothing more than a knife. Craig works as a civilian contractor for the Department of Defense, Federal, State and Local Law-Enforcement and also teaches hundreds of civilians each year on the topics of safety and survival, tracking, bushcrafting and many other wilderness related topics.

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