Scout/Tracker - Level 1

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Learn the mindset, skills, tactics, and gear of tracking, through modern scientific methods that anyone can learn.  

Our instructional staff has spent the better part of their lives tracking through trial and error and training with some of the best instructors in the world.  This class covers two distinctly different, yet intertwined topics:  camouflaging and tracking.  

This class will train the participants of stealth and unseen movement through the wilderness. Highlights of this class will include the study of camouflaging tactics and gear including both natural and modern man-made gear. We will train you in the art of stalking both solo and in teams for both observation and reconnaissance.  We will utilize teams to hunt and pursue one another in an attempt to be able to move from one area to another without being seen. Particular attention will be given to tracking and other sign observation and understanding. This class is always challenging. It is a good way to be introduced to these topics or to polish your skills from other training opportunities.  

In this Level 1 course, we will build the base of understanding in observation and awareness skills. This will teach you how to scan an environment and gather information from it. This will include detailed exercises in camouflaging and tracking. We will show you what works and does not work in practical exercises. This class will involve only a very small portion of "classroom" work. The rest is experiential learning in a rural, wooded environment. We will teach you how your eye works, how light and shadows affect your vision and how to use that knowledge to either see what was previously hidden to you or hide when you do not want to be seen. This will also include the first steps to studying tracks. We will study why we see a track, and what information we can gather from it. Separating fact from fiction. We will also study how to gather information from tracks, and other sign in a solo and group setting. This class will also include proper formations and hand signals to maintain noise and visual discipline during a man-tracking event.


Follow this link for class normal practices and gear list suggestions/recommendations.  

Use code REPEAT, if you have already taken this course with us in the past and wish to refresh your skills.  

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