Six Habits of Trackers, That Can Help Everyone Including YOU!

I (Craig) am fond of saying that I wish everyone was a tracker.  There are several reasons for this.  In this podcast I share some common habits that trackers develop that also equate to useful habits in daily life for everyone.  Look below the Podcast Player for a timeline of topics discussed in this podcast. 



  • 00:30 Tracy shares some thoughts on golf and tracking
  • 02:15 Laying out some fundamental ideas of trackers
  • 03:15 Sponsors and affiliates mention?
  • 04:15 A discussion of "that guy"
  • 05:02 Breakdown of who studies tracking
  • 05:49 Habit #1
  • 06:52 Habit #2
  • 08:15 Craig shares some personal issues that was difficult to share
  • 09:33 Habit #3
  • 11:35 Habit #4
  • 13:40 Habit #5
  • 15:00 Habit #6, an important question for you to answer, I hope I dont stump you with this one.
  • 17:40 A call for your help that is FREE!