Bushcraft Butthurt – Part 1

by Craig Caudill | 21 January, 2018

Note:  This is a three part series applying the simple basics of compass use to enhancing your skills in the woods and to guide us away […]

Winter Tree ID and why you should know how to do it

by Craig Caudill | 13 December, 2017

Identification of the various tree species should be an integral part of any outdoor person’s skill set.  Here are just a few of the reasons why […]

Active Shooter, Situational Awareness and Medical Gear – Las Vegas

by Craig Caudill | 05 October, 2017

Note:  This blog piece is a talking points piece that we will follow for our Facecbook Live videos.  It lists the products that Craig intends on […]

Avoid Being A Mosquito Attractant, Tips on How to Prevent Against Being Bitten

by Craig Caudill | 26 August, 2017

There are just some pests that we would all prefer stay away from us.  Mosquitoes are one of those.  To keep you and your family safe […]

Integrity in Survival, Tracking, Bushcraft Training

by Craig Caudill | 21 August, 2017

Integrity is a word that, in my opinion, has ample value when it comes to the sort of training that we engage in at Nature Reliance […]

Gear Listing and Normal Practices for Hands-on Multi-Day Classes

by Craig Caudill | 09 August, 2017

Thanks for your interest in classes.  Our approach to gear is simple.  For Level 1 classes we want you to be comfortable enough to make the […]

Top 5 Tips for Summertime Hiking Safety

by Craig Caudill | 25 July, 2017

There are so many wonderful things to see and behold on a your next summertime hiking trip.  Due to the heat, it can be a time […]

That time…..I shared poncho space with a rabbit.

by Craig Caudill | 23 July, 2017

NOTE:  This is another in a series of blogs that will share interesting experiences in nature.  It is always our goal to help people to enjoy […]

That Time….A Bobcat Jumped On My Head

by Craig Caudill | 09 July, 2017

NOTE:  This is the first in a series of blogs that will share interesting experiences in nature.  It is always our goal to help people to […]

Tips for posting nature ID to social media for study

by Craig Caudill | 14 May, 2017

At Nature Reliance School our unofficial, but well used motto is “Come on, join in, let’s learn together.”   Our approach is one where the instructors recognize […]

Survival Debris Huts, are they a viable option?

by Craig Caudill | 02 April, 2017

I have been wanting to do a woods experiment on the popular debris hut for quite some time.  It seems that debris huts are widely accepted […]

Four simple methods to help a beginning tracker

by Craig Caudill | 24 February, 2017

Would you like to see more that is going on around you?  Would you like the ability to go out and read the earth?   The ability […]

Tracking as a Frontier Scout

by Craig Caudill | 19 February, 2017

PLEASE NOTE:  The following story is a historical narrative.  It includes a large amount of historically accurate information with ample amount of creativity woven in to […]

Celebrity and Subject Matter Expert Endorsements for Craig’s Book

by Craig Caudill | 06 February, 2017

Writing a book is a huge undertaking and one that brought me many surprises.  One of those was the process of gathering endorsements for Extreme Wilderness Survival by […]

Tactical Survival Kit Review

by Craig Caudill | 30 January, 2017

Developing a kit for Tactical Survival is nearly like putting a huge puzzle piece together.  When there is specific entities that tell you what to carry, […]

Long Bushcraft Survival Knife – Bright Forest Forge

by Craig Caudill | 08 December, 2016

Hand-forged knives are a thing of the past for many.  For the rest of us they can be a unique and incredibly special tool.  For those […]

30+ Backpacking Gear Tips

by Craig Caudill | 27 November, 2016

The community that we call Nature Reliance School is much, much bigger than a handful of instructors.  We regularly have students who are experienced teachers of […]

Tomahawk Tuesday – The King and the Hawk

by Craig Caudill | 08 November, 2016

The story for this week’s Motivational Tomahawk Talk is adapted from a children’s story that was read to me in grade school nearly 40 years ago. […]