Our blogs are written by NRS instructors and guests to offer you the reader insight into engaging in the great outdoors. Topics range from homesteading to huntervationism (our word) and everything in between. Whether you want to know the best app, or the best pack, we will do all we can to offer you our decades of experience to inform you.

Tree of life, Trees for Survival and Camping, Tree House?

by Craig Caudill | 22 September, 2016

To say that I am a fan of trees is quite simply, a huge understatement.  I am a fan because they provide so much for our […]

Knot tying fix – whipping knot

by Craig Caudill | 13 September, 2016

How many of you have frayed or fraying ropes and do not use the because of those reason?  We have a fix for you.  In this […]

Compass App? Don’t rely on them

by Craig Caudill | 08 September, 2016

Without a doubt, handheld phones and all the apps that go along with them are great little tools for outdoor adventure.  There are a number of […]

You NEED medical supplies!

by Craig Caudill | 06 September, 2016

The community of NRS supporters and followers consistently contacts me to share outdoors safety, survival, and other pertinent stories from the news and situations in their […]

KING of knots – Bowline uses in camping, survival, and homesteading

by Craig Caudill | 15 August, 2016

So many knots, so little time. We love sharing the knot videos.  So much so that David from Ultimate Survival Tips asked us to collaborate with him […]

I don’t know

by Craig Caudill | 24 June, 2016

My family is quite odd in many ways.  Odd in the sense that we do things quite differently than most.  One thing that we do differently, […]

Muzzleloading Flintlock Words Used in Everyday Language

by Craig Caudill | 09 June, 2016

Hey all this video was put together just for fun.  We hope you enjoy it!  If you have other words you use or hear in everyday […]

MUST KNOW Stages for Group Development

by Craig Caudill | 22 February, 2016

In 2016 Nature Reliance School is going to take a decidedly hard look at applying some of the skills that we have developed into programs for […]

How to apply the learning of outdoor skills to your everyday life

by Craig Caudill | 17 February, 2016

Some of our students at NRS were discussing the idea of learning and how we go about implanting physical skills into our brain so we can […]

Three processes of risk management – Three Answers to the problems that arise

by Craig Caudill | 15 February, 2016

As the director of a professional school that teaches outdoor recreation, there are many aspects of our responsibility to our students, clients and followers that are […]

You NEED these items in a vehicle preparedness kit!

by Craig Caudill | 23 January, 2016

Yet another snowzilla, snowmageddon, snowpocalypse or whatever the latest hipster word for heavy-snow-in-areas-not-used-to-it has now occurred.  I enjoy hearing from our friends and followers in the […]

Multitool Review and Giveaway

by Craig Caudill | 19 November, 2015

Just how useful is your multi-tool?  Hard for me how to answer that question, because I have a handful of them.    I have used them […]

Answering Advanced Survival Questions and Concerns

by Craig Caudill | 10 November, 2014

Our advanced survival class is only open to those who have either taken our survival basics course or who have previous experience in the field and […]

Discussion of Stolen Valor

by Craig Caudill | 04 September, 2014

Like most things I am not sure if stolen valor and pretending to be someone you are not are more prevalent these days or if the […]

Mora Companion Giveaway

by Craig Caudill | 28 July, 2014

The next in our series of you taking care of us so we give back to you.  Thanks for being a supporter of all things Nature […]

Building a Fire After a Rainy Night

by Craig Caudill | 21 July, 2014

One of the most often asked questions during any of our classes is, “How do I build a fire after it has rained and everything is […]

100 ft of Paracord Giveaway

by Craig Caudill | 18 July, 2014

We are always looking for ways to get the word out about our classes, online school, blog information at both NRS and Dan’s Depot and youtube […]

Poisonous vs. Venomous, which is it ?

by Craig Caudill | 09 July, 2014

I think these are a couple of the most misused words when it comes to nature study and discussions.  Would it surprise you to know that […]