Our blogs are written by NRS instructors and guests to offer you the reader insight into engaging in the great outdoors. Topics range from homesteading to huntervationism (our word) and everything in between. Whether you want to know the best app, or the best pack, we will do all we can to offer you our decades of experience to inform you.

Crappy Survival Kit

by Craig Caudill | 03 March, 2014

So this, this right here, really aggravates me.  Take a look this “survival kit” offered by a local TV station.   I am all about a morale […]

How To Start Studying Edible and Medicinal Plants

by Craig Caudill | 24 February, 2014

One of the aspects of wilderness training that seems to peak a lot of interest among people is knowing what you can and cannot eat outside. […]

What’s in Your Land Navigation Kit?

by Tracy Trimble | 19 February, 2014

Sleep kit.  Fire kit.  Cook kit.  What about your land navigation kit?  That’s right, your land navigation kit.  Have you given it thought?  Does your kit […]

Four Most Useful Fire Starting Methodologies

by Craig Caudill | 17 February, 2014

Fire is incredibly valuable to our daily lives.  It is a good thing that in the modern world we have discovered how to harness it and […]

Need Some Good (and FREE) Topo Maps?

by Craig Caudill | 30 January, 2014

Editor’s Note:  This post was made  by Tracy Trimble, you can read more about him on our Instructor Bio page.  Tracy teaches all of our land navigation classes. […]

Building a Knife Sheath

by Craig Caudill | 29 January, 2014

I was asked back before Christmas to put together a knife sheath for a friend of mine.  He had been gifted a knife that had a […]

Lighting a Whisperlite Stove

by Craig Caudill | 02 January, 2014

This is another in our series of simple basics to outdoor fun. In this video we show you how to go about lighting an MSR whisperlite […]
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