What is in an Australian MRE? Does it taste good?

by Craig Caudill | 28 April, 2014

Some very fine folks send me a number of things to try and out and review.  I typically take a look at these things from the […]

Earth Day 2014, I Can Bring Us Together

by Craig Caudill | 22 April, 2014

Lets be honest, Earth day is a polarizing day in the political scheme of things.  It seems as if the progressive/liberals/democrat side of the aisle tends […]

Who Is The Best Survival Instructor?

by Craig Caudill | 27 March, 2014

Man that is a loaded question isn’t it? If we were to ask this on social media, we would probably get a host of TV personalities […]

What goes in my EDC?

by Craig Caudill | 13 March, 2014

I have spent a long time trying to NOT put this information out there.  I think your EDC should be something that you look at your […]

Mora Companion Giveaway

by Craig Caudill | 11 March, 2014

We are doing what we can to boost our Facebook page.  We are giving this mora companion away free to one of our fortunate facebook fans. […]

How to Prep on a Budget: Water

by Craig Caudill | 11 March, 2014

This is going to be one of several blog posts on the topic of getting preps ready and continuing to be considerate of your budget at […]

Can You Use Sapwood for a Filter?

by Craig Caudill | 05 March, 2014

You have seen the photo by now haven’t you?  A picture of a small piece of wood, tubing, and a clamp.  Then the declaration is that […]

Crappy Survival Kit

by Craig Caudill | 03 March, 2014

So this, this right here, really aggravates me.  Take a look this “survival kit” offered by a local TV station.   I am all about a morale […]

How To Start Studying Edible and Medicinal Plants

by Craig Caudill | 24 February, 2014

One of the aspects of wilderness training that seems to peak a lot of interest among people is knowing what you can and cannot eat outside. […]

What’s in Your Land Navigation Kit?

by Tracy Trimble | 19 February, 2014

Sleep kit.  Fire kit.  Cook kit.  What about your land navigation kit?  That’s right, your land navigation kit.  Have you given it thought?  Does your kit […]

Four Most Useful Fire Starting Methodologies

by Craig Caudill | 17 February, 2014

Fire is incredibly valuable to our daily lives.  It is a good thing that in the modern world we have discovered how to harness it and […]

Need Some Good (and FREE) Topo Maps?

by Craig Caudill | 30 January, 2014

Editor’s Note:  This post was made  by Tracy Trimble, you can read more about him on our Instructor Bio page.  Tracy teaches all of our land navigation classes. […]

Building a Knife Sheath

by Craig Caudill | 29 January, 2014

I was asked back before Christmas to put together a knife sheath for a friend of mine.  He had been gifted a knife that had a […]

Lighting a Whisperlite Stove

by Craig Caudill | 02 January, 2014

This is another in our series of simple basics to outdoor fun. In this video we show you how to go about lighting an MSR whisperlite […]
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