Bear Grylls and Ghosts

by Craig Caudill | 01 November, 2016

At Nature Reliance School our main goal is to be more comfortable outside in the natural world.  We do this most often by teaching and leading […]

Walt Disney was an idiot

by Craig Caudill | 30 October, 2016

Sorry for the harsh words but I feel it necessary.  I enjoy creativity just like the next guy.  I also enjoy personifying aspects of the world […]

Outdoor Adventurer? – This text may save your life

by Craig Caudill | 20 October, 2016

How many people do you think that get lost during wilderness excursions, expected to get lost?  Obviously, no one knows for certain, but i would venture […]

Tree of life, Trees for Survival and Camping, Tree House?

by Craig Caudill | 22 September, 2016

To say that I am a fan of trees is quite simply, a huge understatement.  I am a fan because they provide so much for our […]

Knot tying fix – whipping knot

by Craig Caudill | 13 September, 2016

How many of you have frayed or fraying ropes and do not use the because of those reason?  We have a fix for you.  In this […]

Compass App? Don’t rely on them

by Craig Caudill | 08 September, 2016

Without a doubt, handheld phones and all the apps that go along with them are great little tools for outdoor adventure.  There are a number of […]

You NEED medical supplies!

by Craig Caudill | 06 September, 2016

The community of NRS supporters and followers consistently contacts me to share outdoors safety, survival, and other pertinent stories from the news and situations in their […]

KING of knots – Bowline uses in camping, survival, and homesteading

by Craig Caudill | 15 August, 2016

So many knots, so little time. We love sharing the knot videos.  So much so that David from Ultimate Survival Tips asked us to collaborate with him […]

I don’t know

by Craig Caudill | 24 June, 2016

My family is quite odd in many ways.  Odd in the sense that we do things quite differently than most.  One thing that we do differently, […]

Muzzleloading Flintlock Words Used in Everyday Language

by Craig Caudill | 09 June, 2016

Hey all this video was put together just for fun.  We hope you enjoy it!  If you have other words you use or hear in everyday […]

MUST KNOW Stages for Group Development

by Craig Caudill | 22 February, 2016

In 2016 Nature Reliance School is going to take a decidedly hard look at applying some of the skills that we have developed into programs for […]

How to apply the learning of outdoor skills to your everyday life

by Craig Caudill | 17 February, 2016

Some of our students at NRS were discussing the idea of learning and how we go about implanting physical skills into our brain so we can […]

Three processes of risk management – Three Answers to the problems that arise

by Craig Caudill | 15 February, 2016

As the director of a professional school that teaches outdoor recreation, there are many aspects of our responsibility to our students, clients and followers that are […]

You NEED these items in a vehicle preparedness kit!

by Craig Caudill | 23 January, 2016

Yet another snowzilla, snowmageddon, snowpocalypse or whatever the latest hipster word for heavy-snow-in-areas-not-used-to-it has now occurred.  I enjoy hearing from our friends and followers in the […]

Multitool Review and Giveaway

by Craig Caudill | 19 November, 2015

Just how useful is your multi-tool?  Hard for me how to answer that question, because I have a handful of them.    I have used them […]

Answering Advanced Survival Questions and Concerns

by Craig Caudill | 10 November, 2014

Our advanced survival class is only open to those who have either taken our survival basics course or who have previous experience in the field and […]

Discussion of Stolen Valor

by Craig Caudill | 04 September, 2014

Like most things I am not sure if stolen valor and pretending to be someone you are not are more prevalent these days or if the […]

Mora Companion Giveaway

by Craig Caudill | 28 July, 2014

The next in our series of you taking care of us so we give back to you.  Thanks for being a supporter of all things Nature […]